Welcome Center

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Your 'Go To' Resource For Education In Hartford!

It's our mission to satisfy families beyond their expectations and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all personnel by assuming responsibility for solving problems in a caring, helpful and professional manner. The Welcome Center exists to help link students, parents, principals, teachers, employees, and the community to available resources while ensuring accurate information and quality assistance for all.


Our Purpose

  • Ensure compliance with the Board of Education's policy on constituent service.
  • Improve the District's credibility with the community by creating customer friendly schools and offices.
  • Ensure accurate and consistent dissemination of information.
  • Ensure uniform resolution standards across the District.
  • Provide data and management reports to target problem areas and prioritize solutions.


Our Goals

  • To serve as a lead-in to parent choice and participation on school councils as we move toward becoming a system of high –performing distinctive schools of choice.
  • To be a one-stop shop that provides easy access for parents, students, families, employees and citizens to request information, voice concerns and resolve issues.
  • To find out the nature of all telephone calls and visits. If the issue involves a teacher or school, we will ask if the teacher or principal has been contacted.
  • To handle problems as quickly and fairly as possible.
  • To mediate a solution that is the best educational interest of the child.


Our Services

  • General lnformation
  • Board Policy and Procedures
  • Family Engagement Resources
  • Constituent Compliance
  • Special Education Resources
  • Pre-K registration/information
  • Special Transfers and Permissions
  • Magnet School Reference Information
  • Ombudsman Services
  • Transportation Issues
  • Mediation
  • Uniforms